The things you find

I’m so excited about this that I had to write it in English. I stumbled upon a hip hop break dancing competition on my walk home. This is why I travel! This is why not having a car never concerned me until college. This is why I’d rather walk the neighborhoods than go to the tourist attractions. I stayed for the entire competition. I was already tired from my trip to Marseille, but I stayed anyway. It was so cool. I know full well that hip hop is the most widespread cultural phenomenon in the world. I see the videos of world class dancers from all over the world. But this was different. No sponsorships. No stadium. No massive production. Just a community center and a handful of dancers who enjoyed so friendly competition. I spent 5 minutes at the Eiffel Tower, but this small get together had me captivated for the better part of 2 hours. I reveled in the skill and spectacle put on by the dancers. I felt the joy and respect they showed one another no matter who won. I watched with a smile as the children tried to imitate the dances that they saw at the competition. This was the perfect end to an already adventurous day.

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